An Unexpected Detour



Today’s the big day! My third book HER UNEXPECTED DETOUR – A CHECKERBERRY INN NOVEL is finally live! And wow, what a whirlwind release week it will be!

First, there’s a blog tour and giveaway going on all week at Good Choice Reading Promotions.

Next, I’ll be interviewed live on Blog Talk Radio’s Broadcast from the Bistro this Wednesday 9/16 at 7pm (EST). Listen along as I share about my latest novel, and call in for some Q&A fun!

And finally be sure to join myself and over a dozen other authors on Facebook at Entangled’s Alpha Heartthrobs Release Week Party this Thursday 9/17 from 10am to 10pm (EST). The pre-party fun has already begun – be sure to jump in now for your chance to win a whole slew of amazing books and prizes!


Flirting With Fire

Flirting With Fire Gets a Fresh New Look

Flirting With Fire received a fresh new look this week as a new cover design was recently revealed. While the original image will always hold a special place in my heart, this new cover better captures the essence of the story, and gives us a closer sneak peek at both Liz and Torrunn. Both ebook and print options will soon be available by both Amazon and CreateSpace.

New Cover for Flirting With Fire

An Unexpected Detour, Flirting With Fire

Upcoming Releases and more!

Hello, everyone! It has been far, far too long since I posted on my site with news of the next book, but never fear, more are certainly to come! A quick update for you, with more news in the very near future:

First, I am thrilled to finally be able to type these words: ARMED WITH STEELE is now available in print!! Just bop over to either Amazon or BooksAMillion to order your print copy today.

Second, I have sold the first book in a new contemporary romance series to Entangled Publishers. The release date for AN UNEXPECTED DETOUR: A Checkerberry Inn Novel has been set for September 15th, 2015! For fans of my first two books, ARMED WITH STEELE and FLIRTING WITH FIRE, you’ll find the writing “voice” the same but this new series focuses less on suspense and more on the developing romance between the main characters. Oh, and you’re going to love Kayla and Brent in book 1, especially since this novel is written from both their points of view. Book 2 in that series is already underway and fingers are crossed it will be picked up by Entangled as well.

Lastly, I am working with my wonderful agent Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary to prep a new novel for submission to publishers. This one takes place a bit outside my usual novels’ settings, but keep an open mind–DRAGONS AMONG THEM is a wonderful, fast-paced and steamy (yes, I said steamy) ride. Once that novel finds a good “home” I’ll be sure to update you here as well.

And so, to start building momentum for this fall’s upcoming release of DETOUR, I’ll be running some sales to whet your appetites. This week, May 26th-30th, you can download FLIRTING WITH FIRE free from Amazon. Be sure to tell your family and friends, as the offer will be over before you know it!


That’s all for now. Stay tuned, as more news will soon follow!


Baptism By Fire

The wonderful Kathy Bryson invited me to write a guest post for her blog today. If you’re struggling to “love” your fiction characters, stop by–these character development tips may give you some food for thought…


Kyra_JacobsLast month, I read Flirting With Fire by Kyra Jacobs. What I particularly liked about it was that the heroine didn’t start off as the resolute woman that she ended as. She grew and changed as a person as the story progressed. This is a very hard thing to write as you want characters to be appealing, but they may well start off as flawed, so I asked Kyra to share her insights on character development:

Thank you, Kathy, for inviting me to be a guest on your blog this month. Today I’d like to share some of my insights on character development. Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m no expert on the subject—far from it! But with each book I write, the concept of character development gets a bit easier. Hopefully today, this post will help make it easier for you, too.

Goal. Motivation. Conflict.

If you’re…

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Flirting With Fire

Book Signing Event

This weekend I will be joining 60+ other local authors at the main branch of the Allen County Public Library for the 2014 Author Fair.


The fair is Saturday, November 8th from noon-3pm EST. If you’re in the area, swing on by! I will be signing copies of Flirting With Fire and handing out flyers with the first blurb sneak peek at Book 3 in my Hometown Heroes collection: Against The Flow (coming spring 2015).

And if you stop by table 27 not only might there be some chocolate involved, but you can also meet the wonderful Natalie S. Ellis and hear about her romantic suspense novel, Fear For Hire which is also set in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Hope to see you there!


Armed With Steele, Flirting With Fire

Interview on Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books

I was thrilled and honored to be invited by Bernadette Walsh to join her October 9th, 2014 on to blogtalkradio. Click below to listen in on this fun interview, and learn more about me and my writing story.




Flirting With Fire

Free Days!

My blog, Indiana Wonderer, hit 100 posts this week. In celebration of this achievement, I’m offering the  Kindle version of Flirting With Fire free on Amazon today and tomorrow (9/17-9/18/2014).

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the inspiration behind this book, its setting, and its main characters, pop on over to Free Ebooks Daily to read an interview with yours truly.


author interview

Flirting With Fire


It’s finally here – the official release day for FLIRTING WITH FIRE, Book 2 in Kyra’s Hometown Heroes Collection!FwF Cover400x600

Be sure to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook throughout the day for giveaway and sneak peeks at the book readers are calling a “Fun and flirty read”.

And while FLIRTING WITH FIRE is currently only available on Kindle, stay tuned —  it will also soon be out in print as well!

Flirting With Fire

The Countdown Begins for FLIRTING WITH FIRE

That’s right, everyone–thirteen days until Book 2 of my romantic suspense Hometown Heroes series hits the e-shelves at Amazon! FLIRTING WITH FIRE introduces a new set of characters to Fort Wayne: massage therapist Liz Williams, and fireman Torrunn MacKay. Fear not, diehard fans of Jessica and Nate–they make an appearance or two in this book as well.

Stay tuned for blog tour details, organized once again by the amazing This Little Book Worm, and your chance to win a free copy of FLIRTING WITH FIRE. In the meantime, enjoy this highlight from my upcoming release:

“Someone said the fire’s in the dumpster. They could see the flames from their window on the third floor.”

The dumpster? My gaze flickered to the back corner of the building. I’d just been there, no more than fifteen minutes ago. Maybe Sarah was right—maybe it wasn’t as safe downtown during the day as I thought. But why would anyone set a dumpster on fire?

“Liz was there.”

A hush descended upon the crowd. I turned in the direction of the accusatory, high-pitched voice, wide-eyed. Bunni stood a short ways off, clinging to Torrunn as if her life depended on it. And now, much to my dismay, she had an audience hanging on her every word.

“I saw her when I was out on the fire escape, having a cigarette,” Bunni cried, pointing in my direction. Beside her, Torrunn’s eyes flashed to mine. “S-she ran up to the dumpster, threw something inside, and then ran away. It was just a few minutes ago!”

All whispering stopped as fifty sets of eyes shifted to where I stood.

FwF Cover400x600