Thank you for visiting my author website. Whether you’re looking for stories full of sweet happily-ever-afters, those full of fantasy and magic, or even small town mysteries, I’ve got you covered. Ebooks, paperbacks, audio books and podcasts, there’s a bit of something for everyone.

So go on, have a look around, and happy reading!


  • “Jenna and Zach’s story has me thinking how good this would be as a movie. It has all the necessary ingredients romance, suspense and yep even friendships.” (LOVE AT THE BEACH SHOP)

    Shweet Sandi, Amazon Reviewer

  • “I absolutely loved this story! As in, every…freaking…thing…about it.” (HER UNEXPECTED HERO)

    Carvanz, Amazon Reviewer

  • “Kyra Jacobs has a lovely vivid writing style that flows easily. I loved the setting she’s chosen for her stories, it comes to life incredibly well.” (HER UNEXPECTED ENGAGEMENT)

    Suze Lavender, With Love for Books

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