Dragons Against Them

Series:  The Kingdoms of Fire and Ice #2
Published:  August 2016; July 2017
Genre:   Fantasy Romance
Page Count:  228

Blood is thicker than water…but can it melt a heart of ice?

Adelaide Miller’s life changed forever when she gave up all she knew to stay with Prince Zayne Godfrey. In his alternate reality, she’s the eldest princess of the prince of Edana’s rival kingdom, Forath. But royal life isn’t what she’d hoped it might be. And it’s even more suffocating since Rosalind has gone missing.

Prince Zayne eagerly anticipates wedding Princess Addie, but their fathers are dead set on keeping them apart. And the longer Rosalind stays missing, the more both sides suspect the other of something malicious.

But both kingdoms are at risk in the face of a new rival, one foretold by an ancient prophecy. In order to protect their future, Zayne and Addie will be forced to join forces with the person determined to destroy it.

Dragons Against Them

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